Monday, July 14, 2014

Anatomy Scan & Update

Today around 10:30AM we went in for our little babe's anatomy scan and she is confirmed a healthy little one. I had done my blood test prior to the anatomy scan where they test for any chance of mental/health issues and she came back 100% negative for everything. Originally, we didn't think we wanted to do that because the chance of anything being wrong at our age was so low, but we figured that it is best to have as much knowledge as we can that way we can be prepared...but she is one healthy babe!

We were told she is weighing in at about 14oz, almost one full pound, which measures closer to 2 days ahead of where we thought we were, but we are still gonna stick with the November 27th due date for now! The doctor said everything looks great. I am healthy and she is healthy and we go back in another 4 weeks to see her again. 

Here begins the TMI: Another thing that has not been mentioned on any other pregnancy blog that I have stalked in the past is how soon the nipple leaking thing happens. I was in complete shock yesterday when I thought I had just spilled water on the right side of my shirt after my workout. Zack started cracking up and said..."uh yeah that's milk." I said "there is absolutely no way that is milk already it is too early!" Well, turns out it is not too early. Thanks everyone for NOT sharing with me the fact that your boobs will spontaneously leak this early on. I thought for sure it was water until I saw that it soaked even through my sports bra right where my nipple was (sorry for the amount of information, but it might help someone else)! I thought it happened when we walked past a playground last night during our workout where there were a bunch of babies crying. Now Zack thinks he is being clever when I am just standing there he will fake a baby cry, haha very funny ;)

I thought I would spare everyone the 15 million images our ultrasound technician gave us at our anatomy scan this morning and summarize a few cute ones that she captured during the appointment. This was posted on my instagram so you might've seen it there, but I am going to share it on here as well:

1. She initially was curled up into this tiny little ball on the left side of my abdomen when the ultrasound technician started. She then began grabbing her feet with her hands and holding them over her head and we were all cracking up. Every time we are in there she is doing some gymnastics/yoga move and our ultrasound tech gets the biggest kick out of it

2. She captured a great image of her feet in a few pictures and we were able to see all of her toes on both of her feet, they are so adorable I cannot wait to kiss them....we were all laughing at how big they looked in the ultrasound. She's got her mama's huge feet haha.

3. After a few failed attempts to get her thumb in her mouth she finally managed. It did take a few smacks to the face before she finally got her thumb in there, but it was adorable once she did....and hysterical watching her try...atta girl, finally got it ;). It is funny to watch my baby girl suck her thumb in there because I was a thumb sucker until I was about 3 years old...

4. She was really loving my amniotic fluid this morning. Her bladder was super full and all we kept seeing her do was take huge gulps, she must've been enjoying my grapefruit breakfast from this morning. Little sweetie pie.

I always get emotional and even more excited every single time we get to see her. It is the highlight of every month and I do a mental countdown until my next ultrasound. I love to watch her move although it has been going by much quicker now that I feel her moving all of the time!

Our little yogi babe.

We love you so much sweet girl.

XOXO Sydney