Thursday, August 7, 2014

23 Weeks Pregnant Picture

23 Weeks Pregnant Update!

***Excuse the picture, yeah this is what the 23 week one resulted in because I fell behind in the picture this week and this is all I had to work with...this is what happens when I procrastinate...after workout pictures....and no my armpit is not a raging hairy monster haha I don't know why the lighting made it look that way! So all in all, baby girl is still the size of an eggplant and will continue to be until the end of this week 
(week 24).***

How far along: I am 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant in the picture above!

Symptoms: Heartburn after anything super peppery; Leaking boobs (the best); Back aches every now and then that feel like stretching; Bloating after eating making me look twice the size I really am; Peeing...peeing and peeing; Oh, and insomnia...yay!

Cravings: This week candy has been my craving, but I have been avoiding it. It isn't like a "get me that right now" craving, but candy just sounds yummy! I haven't been giving in though. I did give in on Friday of last week I believe was the day and I got Ju-Ju Bees....a favorite! Haha.

Aversions: Nothing really! I just don't want anything too greasy or peppery because I don't want heartburn.

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: I took one nap the other day with Zack for like an hour, he slept 30 minutes, but he let me sleep longer because he knows I haven't been sleeping at night. I have stopped sleeping at night, I pee maybe 3-4 times a night. I cannot get comfortable....I dread bedtime now because I am so tired and cannot get comfortable.

Excited for: Seeing our baby girl again this coming Tuesday!

Missing: My old body, summer time is hard...but then I get to cuddle up all winter to my little babe. Getting a good nights rest. Putting on clothes that fit. Not wondering how to dress my bump without looking fat. Jacuzzi time. 

Movement:  All the time. I think she has been practicing a few dance routines in there every morning, afternoon and night. This girl never quits. It is like a permanent dance rehearsal. 

Dr. update: We see him on Tuesday!

Exercise: Last week I didn't work out as much as I would have liked, but this week I have been back at it every day. Last week was a rough week, I was sleep deprived and my back was hurting so I listened to my body and only did a few days. 

Stretch marks: No new ones!

Swelling: Nothing substantial that I have noticed yet! 

Maternity clothes: None yet!

Labor signs: Nope!

What I am loving: How quickly time is flying now. I am also getting nervous and excited because time is going by so quickly. I like that random strangers notice that I am pregnant now and not fat. That was a really uncomfortable stage of pregnancy, the "is she fat" stage haha. I have gotten the typical when are you due questions from random people out and about so at least little baby girl is making herself known now. 

Best moment of this week:  Just relaxing with Zack. It is my favorite time of the day...when the work is over and it is just him and I....and Oak and baby girl. I just love our family time. I love to feel her kick and I love when Zack feels her kicking like crazy too. It is the best feeling in the world and it is so fun watching Zack get excited and love her more every day. 

xoxo Sydney