Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chatbooks Review

I ordered my Chatbooks a little over a week ago, when they were going through a crazy time with a massive influx of orders...but they still came in the mail very quickly! 

I ordered mine from the app on my phone and it was super easy to use, very straight forward and simple.

You can choose the cover photos you want for each "Volume" I ordered 4 volumes, each with 60 pages of pictures back and front!

Here are a few shots from the inside of the Chatbooks!
Unlike instagram they actually put the day, month and year the photo was posted on Instagram instead of saying "125 weeks ago" as if you remember that specific date...

You can edit your captions or keep them as their originals. I chose to just keep the original captions instead of going through and changing all of them because I figured it was part of the memory anyways!

Here is a picture of the side binding of each book. You get to create the title you want on each volume. I put "Zack & Sydney" as a way to connect it to my blog and because I use my instagram more than Zack does, the photos are both of our memories!

You can also do a custom book without using your instagram photos and you can visit their website on how to do that (I will link their website below). I know I will be doing one of my bump progression pictures, or just pictures of the belly throughout the whole pregnancy.

I cannot wait to add these little books onto my coffee table at our new place which we will be starting to move within a month or so. I cannot wait to set these books out on display. So much more personal than a random coffee table book. There is something I love about having photos tangible instead of on the computer or on the phone. I absolutely love these books.

Each volume contains 60 pages back and front of your photos and each volume costs 6 dollars. Not bad & definitely worth every penny!

You NEED to go visit their WEBSITE
Check out their INSTAGRAM

I am so happy I did this! I plan to do a lot more in the future!

xoxo Sydney