Wednesday, August 20, 2014

25 Weeks Pregnant Picture

25 Weeks Pregnant Update 

Yes, here we go, the most unflattering angle ever. BAM. There is it for ya. Thanks Zack, appreciate it. Even worse...I decided that the best time to take this picture was SECONDS after lunch. So I don't know how much baby bump we are seeing as much as we are seeing my full stomach far above my belly button because that's where my growing uterus has smashed it. Is this an accurate picture? No probably not, but every day with this bump is different. Some days it is like where is it? Other days its like I cannot believe I have to get bigger than this, some days I am bloated and other days all you see is this weird little egg shaped pregnancy is weird and I am just accepting that these pictures are going to slowly become more unflattering and maybe next time Zack won't be standing at the bottom of the steps facing the camera upwards, what pregnant girl wants to see herself like that!?!?! Haha, so here we go! Week 25 wrapped up!

How far along: I am 25 weeks and 6 days pregnant in the picture, tomorrow I will be 26 weeks! I have been really bad about taking pictures earlier in the week again. I need to fix that.

Symptoms: Peeing all of the time; Belly button pain (sharp pains) like she is pulling on it or kicking it...I did have an umbilical hernia when I was a baby so maybe that is part of the reason? All I know is that it kills; Headaches if I do not eat first thing in the morning, kind of feels like a hang over; Nail growth is insane, I just had to cut mine and they looked like they were acrylics; Boobs have been hurting and feeling hard in places, I assume this is due to the fact that I am leaking and it must just be build up of some sort (yumm). 

Cravings: I have been craving candy a lot more this week and gave in twice, I will not be doing that again though and I make sure it is candy with a very low amount of sugar! Other than that, no cravings at all...its actually kind of a pain finding food I do want to eat. Fruit is always good and I am still really enjoying eating fruit all the time. 

Aversions: Nothing really, I am not too into food lately.

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: Wow, I do not sleep. I pee all night. I do not even know how I have to pee this much either because I am pretty sure I do not drink enough water to be equivalent to the amount I pee at night. I took a nap this week, something I never give into...but then I realized, these are the last few months where I will be able to nap whenever the hell I feel like I napped and it felt amazing. 

Excited for: Meeting this baby of ours. I am getting so anxious. I keep having dreams about her and I had a dream the other night of what she would look like and now I just want her here. I cannot wait to snuggle her all winter long. 

Missing: Back to missing my old workouts. Adapting to my body changing as well and realizing I am going to be able to work out as much as I want once this baby love of ours is born. I am missing normal sleep...I am missing not peeing all the time and I am missing normal clothes! I love her so much that all of this is irrelevant in the long run and it is going to be so rewarding once we have her here with us. 

Movement:  ALL THE TIME. I will spoon Zack as we fall asleep and he feels her kicking his back...he says, "I can feel her kicking me" and I say, "yeah, imagine how I feel!" This girl is strong! She gets really aggressive when I am hungry. I have not been doing to well on eating small meals throughout the day because of all the hopping around we do. When I do eat she does this wave like motion movement like she is satisfied. It is really funny! She just kicks and hits all day long and I love knowing I have a little buddy with me at all times....even when she kicks my bladder.

Dr. update: I have my glucose test coming up so that will be the next Dr. update. 

Exercise: Still working out every day, this week has been a little less because I have been having some intense abdominal/belly button pain, but I am sticking with it and walk Oak around all the time or workout on the eliptical. I just cannot wait until I can get back to hard workouts. I love a good sweat! When I finally get to I will just have a little person hanging out with me!

Stretch marks: Nope.

Swelling: If my hands are down by my sides when I workout then they will be a little bit more swollen, but that usually subsides within hours. 

Maternity clothes: Nope! Still holding out. I am going to try and hold out as long as I can, unless I see something I have to have then I will wait! 

Labor signs: Nope!

What I am loving: I am loving how quickly it is going by, it is always one day closer to seeing my little love. I am also trying to savor the moments of being pregnant, it is just hard when you are sleep deprived haha!

Best moment of this week:  Feeling her kick and move around is always the best. Zack and I play music for her at night and talk to her before bed and when we wake up in the morning. I love watching him talk to her. If she is moving out of control and going crazy he puts his hand on my tummy and she will either immediately halt and make me look crazy or she will keep moving like a maniac and do a little dance performance for her daddy. I cannot wait to see him with her. 

XOXO Sydney