Wednesday, August 27, 2014

26 Weeks Pregnant Picture

26 Weeks Pregnant Update 

Okay, for starters....I do not know why my belly grows 2x the actual size right before I take these bump update pictures! In person there are mornings where it looks way small (I will post pics at the bottom of this post) and then there are times like this where I look like I am ready to deliver! Pregnancy is so weird! This little one is growing quickly though and I can definitely tell!

How far along: I am 26 weeks and 6 days pregnant in the picture, tomorrow I will be 27 weeks and entering into the third trimester! I know I waited forever to take the picture this week again...

Symptoms: Peeing, peeing and more peeing; Braxton Hicks have been happening for a while I figured out. I thought it was just her tightening into a little ball, turns out it is Braxton Hicks so I have been experiencing a lot more of those; I have had pain on and off in my abs because of the abdominal separation so that kind of got worse this week; Back pain every now and then; Boobs still leaking; Exhausted...I do not sleep at night

Cravings: None at all really. I haven't had much of an appetite.

Aversions: No real aversions either....

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: None...I sometimes can doze off and take a nap once during the week, but for the most part sleep isn't really happening for me. It is really hard to get comfortable and when I do get comfortable she is twirling and turning all around in there. Once I fall asleep, I have to get up and pee...then I doze off and my hip hurts haha it is a never ending cycle...

Excited for: Meeting her. I am getting so close to the end that all I wanna do is see her & see what she looks like. I keep having dreams of what she will look like and how she will be, at this point all I wanna do is see her!

Missing: Fitting into clothes comfortably and sleep...yeah I would like to sleep again, but I don't think that will be happening for maybe, the rest of her baby years haha 

Movement:  YES. SHE WILL NOT QUIT. I am pretty sure this little one is supposed to be sleeping majority of the day, but that does not seem to be the case. Zack thinks she is just an aggressive sleeper. Must take after her daddy...when I sleep I can normally fall asleep in one spot and barely move all night, however, Zack will burrito himself with the sheets and curl up into a little ball...I have a feeling that her sleep habits are the same as his. She kicks and twirls and punches and jumps ALL DAY, it is often really funny and entertaining until she kicks my bladder...

Dr. update: Glucose test coming up!

Exercise: Doing something active every day still...whether it be running/walking, walking Oak multiple times a day or just getting on the eliptical machine I am really making an effort to continue working out every day 

Stretch marks: Nope.

Swelling: After working out, if hands are down by my sides, that is about the only time though.

Maternity clothes: None yet, still postponing until I can't any longer...

Labor signs: Nope!

What I am loving: Knowing that she is hanging out with me all the time & slowly buying her baby clothes!

Best moment of this week:  Buying her some baby clothes, I was having emotional breakdowns thinking she was going to come home from being born and have to be naked because I didn't have anything for her, haha so now I am slowly stocking up!

Here are some morning ones, excuse the jammies, exhausted face and bed-head, also, we are still at my Dad's house so that is why the background is still his bachelor pad haha.... 

XOXO Sydney