Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Weeks Pregnant Picture

31 Weeks Pregnant Update 

How far along: 31 weeks and 6 days pregnant in the pictures, tomorrow I will be 32 weeks. Cutting it close on this blog update this week! But I made it....barely!

Symptoms: Peeing; Braxton Hicks; Heartburn with spicy food; Leaking boobs still (yum); Boobs have been hurting this week; Leg numbness before bed a few nights a week; Breathing is hard before bed and when I am more bloated; Sleeping has been difficult still; I forget everything...I forget where I put my phone, where I put my brush, where I put my keys, I do not remember anything! 

Cravings: None really

Aversions: Mehh none that I can think of right now

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: Here and there, but peeing up to 5 times a night so not much!

Excited for: I am excited for the baby shower! My mom and I went and got a bunch of crafts and we will be working on those for the next couple of weeks in preparation for the baby shower!

Missing: Sleeping, breathing, and working out normally. 

Movement:  All of the time! As always! She is constantly moving and now it is easier to feel all of her limbs and hands and feet it is so crazy!

Dr. update: I go again on Monday for an ultrasound, and I have to say...I am sick of going to the doctors office....I would rather she just be here haha.

Exercise: Walking + eliptical still 

Stretch marks: No new ones on my boobs, we will see when my milk comes in. The tiny ones I did get on my boobs are already fading so that is a good sign. No stretch marks anywhere else. Using a bunch of lotions and oils every single day and night, so hopefully that helps in some way!

Swelling: I think I have some feet swelling at the end of the day if I am standing all day, but nothing really noticeable! My hands swell after I work out, but that is fixed after an hour after my workout.

Maternity clothes: Still no maternity clothes, who knows! Maybe I will need to get some this month...maybe not! Trying to make it work without buying any for now.

Labor signs: Nope!

What I am loving:  I am loving getting ready for the baby shower. So exciting!!! So many crafts!

Best moment of this week: As I am sure I have said a million times already this blog post, the best moment this week has been working on crafts for the baby shower. Getting a bunch of decorations and making a bunch of decorations! Can't wait! It is so girly and fun!

Had to throw in the corny picture of Zack.


XOXO Sydney