Tuesday, November 11, 2014

BLANQI: High Performance Support


Okay, so I was sent a few goodies to share with all you mommies out there and all you mommies-to-be, like myself.  I was sent two BLANQI products to share with you all and I am so excited to help get the brand out there. 

Back track a few months ago in the summer I looked into this brand, I found them online at Nordstrom when I was interested in purchasing some maternity leggings for winter. I never ended up purchasing any, but that's because I was making due with the clothes that I had until it became necessary....well it never became necessary, so I never made the purchase. However, they contacted me and I recalled the brand name from when I was searching back in the summer and of course I was all in! I wanted to share this brand with all of you because I don't think I have ever been in such a good mood this entire pregnancy until I put these clothes on. Clothes that fit your body right make a huge difference. I was so bored of maxi skirts and sweat pants that when I received the package from BLANQI I immediately put the clothes on. I have been pretty home bound this pregnancy just because it has been so hot and miserable outside that the one day I need comfy leggings, I HAD THEM! Zack even said "let's do something for dinner tonight" and he was shocked when I agreed to going out to dinner. I have been so uncomfortable and annoyed with my wardrobe choice that getting cute and going out hasn't seemed that fun nor easy. Tonight I wore my BLANQI maternity leggings out to dinner with some boots and a giant sweater and I felt so comfortable! I felt like I was wearing pajamas. I was in such a good mood. These leggings are miracle workers. They don't tug, the don't squish and they don't cut off breathing supply, who knew maternity leggings could be so comfy and breathable!!!

I am big on over sized sweaters and these leggings are perfect to pair with a cute pair of boots and a giant sweater to keep you warm now that the weather is cooling down. 

This brand has everything! Not just maternity wear. They have everyday wear and also postpartum wear! I am definitely interested in the postpartum leggings and think I will have to look into getting a pair!

The other product was the "Bumped" tunic in baby pink. THE SOFTEST MATERIAL EVER. 
It is also a super cute pregnancy shirt for those mommas wanting to show off their bump! Or even for those awkward first three months of pregnancy where people aren't sure if you have just been chowing down on all the food in sight or if you're pregnant! I thought this shirt was so cute and loved the baby pink considering I am expecting my little girl any day now! This shirt might just have to stick with me even after she arrives ;)

Definitely check out their products on their website (LINK BELOW)!


I am obsessing over the "coming soon" products and I will definitely keep my eyes on those products!

The two products I am wearing are listed below with a link!

You can also find them on INSTAGRAM

I wanna stock up on all of their soft pieces! You will not regret it! I absolutely love everything about this brand/company! 

XOXO Sydney