Wednesday, November 12, 2014

37 Weeks Pregnant Picture

37 Weeks Pregnant Update: Full Term

How far along: I am 37 weeks and 5 days/6 days pregnant in the pictures!

SymptomsHeartburn every now and then, nothing too bad lately since baby has dropped; Boobs hurt every now and then and still leaking; Losing more of mucus plug (yum); Exhausted lately; Nesting like a crazy person; Feeling "ready" but also anxious that we aren't ready; Back pain every now and then; Cramping every now and then; Weird tendon pain in my inner thigh when she moves around, it only happens in my left thigh; Peeing all of the time; Pressure down low; Her movements still kind of hurt; Forgetful still and I am sure there are a million other symptoms I am just not recalling right now

Cravings: Nope

Aversions: No not really!

Wedding rings: Zack made me take them off this week just in case. I am starting to swell a bit more and he doesn't want me to be in pain or have to worry about suddenly blowing up like a balloon and having to cut them off, so for now they are sitting in a pretty little dish just in case ;)

Sleep: Not really...and it feels really weird sleeping in a queen sized bed now. Zack and I always slept in a full sized bed ever since we were married, but we upgraded when we moved to our new place and now I feel like he isn't even in bed with me at night. I wake up and make him scoot closer to me so I think for that reason I haven't been sleeping as well. Normally I fall asleep holding him but he feels miles away in those few extra inches haha. However, I also haven't been sleeping much because I am just feeling super anxious and feeling like there is always something that needs to be done. I feel very awake when I get up to the use the bathroom at night. I was sleeping well last week, but this week I just want to be awake all night and asleep all day.


Missing: I am not really missing anything right now other than my old body. After being pregnant for most of the year you hit a point where you are like, 'okay I'm done'. I know I am going to miss this bump when she is here, but all I can think about right now is how badly I want her here so it is hard to appreciate all her little punches and movements when I am just wanting to see her little face!

Movement: The movements have definitely calmed down now. She is slowing, but she has crazy movement outbursts throughout the day. She is lodging under my rib every now and then still, but nothing too uncomfortable since she dropped lower. I feel like I can breathe a bit now. 

Dr. update: She has gained weight finally and is at a safe weight to be delivered! Looks like bed rest and carboloading helped. He was way less concerned this doctors visit considering she is now in the 6 pound range where before she was less than 5 pounds. The doctor still wants to be seeing me for non-stress tests twice a week to make sure she is safe and doing well. I had an exam and I am 2cm dilated. This doesn't really mean anything other than I dilate. My mom never dilated so there was some concern on her part there, but good news is that I do! Woo! Oh and she has tons of hair apparently!

Exercise: Running errands, moving into our new place and taking our dog on nightly walks is the only exercise I have been doing. I haven't really stuck to bed rest...I've just been taking it significantly easier on the exercise and allowing her to gain the weight that she needs to. 

Stretch marks: Nope

Swelling: Yes, I am now having some swelling in my hands and a little in my feet. You can still see bones and tendons, but for me it is noticeable...My mom and I got our nails done today and she noticed my feet had some swelling for the first time also. Welcome to the last few weeks!

Maternity clothes: Haven't purchased any maternity clothes. The only maternity clothes I have now worn are the BLANQI leggings that were sent to me and the BLANQI top that was sent to me. Other than that I am still living in what I already own and hoping I don't have to test the limits of my clothes much longer. 

Labor signs: Braxton Hicks have subsided since I have been taking it easier with the exercise. I was having pre labor signs last few weeks and the second I hit full term...NOTHING. I mean NOTHING. After my cervical exam I had some light spotting/losing mucus plug, but other than that I haven't had a single labor sign. I will get a noticeable BH contraction a few times a day, but nothing near what I was experiencing last week or so. I am kinda bummed by that and really wishing there were some signs of her arrival day approaching, but sadly there are not. 

What I am loving: Finally being in our place and getting settled here. I have decorated for Christmas and everything feels like it is slowly coming together. 

Best moment of this week: Decorating for Christmas and getting settled in our place. That is kinda why the pictures this week are lacking! I didn't have time to set aside a moment to really document the 37th week in pictures, but hopefully I won't have to do too many more of these pregnancy updates. I am 38 weeks tomorrow so I am really hoping she shows her face soon!

XOXO Sydney