Saturday, January 24, 2015

Elba's 2 Month Update

2 Months Old 

Momma's Favorite Things

I love falling back asleep with her in the morning

I love watching her smile in her sleep

Holding her close on our walks is my favorite

I love watching her experience new things

Uhh she might really like candy would I know that...?

Kissing her little baby feet

Watching her leg rolls grow each day

Pulling the lint out of her chubby little neck and between her fingers

I love that she still falls asleep on my chest & prefers to sleep there

If we fall asleep together she knows when I get up and wakes up immediately to give me a dirty look

I love her little sneezes

I love how she coos and smiles at Zack and I

Elba's Quirks 

She loves her bath time and tries to completely submerge herself

She now grabs my boob when she is eating and angrily

Her favorite time to chat it up is when she is laying on the bed on her back

She started coo-ing shortly after her 1 month update

When I kiss her little mouth she opens up really wide and coos

She completely turns her neck around like an owl to see Zack when she hears his voice

She stares at Zack when he comes home from work

She is super snacky at night and just wants to be close to momma

She loves being outside, we go on a walk every day and she just looks at everything (I make sure to tell her what she is looking at, even if she doesn't understand right now)

She doesn't like when I don't hold her

She enjoys laying on her back

After a bottle she is sometimes still not satisfied and just wants to be close to momma and wants to breast feed even if just for a second

She loves car rides (even 4 hour long ones!)

She loves her stroller & prefers to go on really bumpy stroller rides

She loves the mirror and is so entertained watching our faces 

She stares at lights, loves them!

She is in her 0-3MO clothing with some newborn clothes still incorporated

When Zack calls and he is on speaker phone her eyes get really wide and she looks around for him

She loves to suck on her hand and fingers leaving mommy with tons of drool on her shirt

She turns her head all around to who she wants to see and is very aware of who is talking

She loves being outside

She is sleeping 5-7 hours through the night, yay for mom!

Mommy and Daddy love you baby girl!

XOXO Sydney