Friday, January 23, 2015

Postpartum Must Haves

A Few Postpartum Must Haves

Here are a very FEW of my postpartum must haves. I will do a more extensive post for what mom needs postpartum soon, I am still experimenting with things and finding my favorites that I want to share with you all. For starters, here are a few items that will save both mom and babe!

Post Partum must haves

Bibs: I use Aden & Anais bibs and Tommee Tippee bibs. I have a very spit-up prone babe and by spit up I mean projectile vomit...If you have a baby that easily gets an upset stomach, I suggest using bibs even before the solid food stage. It has saved me numerous outfit changes, you can only change a onesie so many times within 15 minutes before loosing your mind.

Bottles: I use the Tommee Tippee bottles for my little one. I researched bottles before giving birth to her and found these ones work really well for babies with sensitive tummies. I did not know if my baby was going to have a sensitive tummy or not, but I would have hated to experiment and have to make the switch so I just started her off with these ones and for now they do the trick!

Pacifiers: More specifically, Wubbanub pacifiers...these things will save you from spending hours looking under the couch and under the bed for your baby's pacifier. When my brother was born the hospital would give you the blue pacifier and I can't tell you how many of those things my mom had to stock up on. The little stuffed animal attached to the pacifier on the Wubbanub pacifiers prevents the need for stocking up. However, I did stock up anyway because the different animals are just too cute. They stay put on baby too and allow them to hold onto them and even put the pacifier back in their mouth.

Diaper Rash Cream: Those diaper rashes sneak up on you! You don't want your babe to suffer when they have one so it is best to always have it on hand. I use Bourdeaux's Butt Paste and The Honest Company diaper rash cream.

Burp rags:  I have an assortment of burp rags...and a lot of them, yet I still feel like I never have enough. My favorite ones to use are the muslin plain white burp rags, the Aden & Anais burp rags that convert into a bib and the cloth diaper squares, not the inserts. I use all of these and love all of them. Use these things like crazy.

Ergobaby: If you are going to get any kind of "wrap" I think I suggest getting the ergobaby. It is the most versatile and your baby can grow with it. Dad also doesn't feel girly using the ergo. The ergo has pockets and zippers and a head cover and can be worn multiple ways. Don't get me wrong, I use the cloth wraps every day also, but if you are only looking to get one baby carrier I would get the ergo. Unless you're like me and have 3 or more wraps and use them all....then get them all!

Lanolin: I use the Medela lanolin, but I have heard good things about the Lansinoh lanolin also! During the first month of breast feeding lather your poor nips in this stuff. I was a changed person after using it and purchased it way too late down the road. I could've saved my bleeding nipples way in advance!

Swaddle Blankets: I have the swaddle wrap things that are basically made ready like an easy pre-swaddle, but I prefer the old fashioned way...the way my mom always did it with my brothers and the way they do it in the hospital. I like to use 'receiving blankets' with a little bit of stretch in them and swaddle her super tight. They startle easily when they are so young and like to feel secure. My little girly loves to be swaddled and the tighter I swaddle her the longer she sleeps! I have the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets, but they are almost too thin and don't keep her warm. We use those for other things instead, but a lot of people love them so that is another option if you like the muslin material.

Baby Gas Relief: Just get it in advance because you are going to need it at some point. My girl was gassy immediately after coming home from the hospital and it took about a week for me to figure that out. She would get angry and fussy after eating. A lot of that is due to the fact that she would suck in a bunch of air when she was having trouble sucking because of clogged ducts and infections. She still gets gassy and I use the drops multiple times a day. Imagine how painful it is for us as adults to have bad gas pains and then imagine how difficult and painful it must be for such a little human...I try to give her them before eating sometimes too as well as after feeding...especially if she is having an upset tummy day.

Breast Milk Storage Bags: Once you start pumping these things will save you room in your freezer. They are also easy to grab and take on the go. They are not too big of bags that they take forever to defrost either. They are worth the money and it is easy to number and date the bags to know which ones to use and when. I love having bags of breast milk stored away for baby girl. Some weeks she has a growth spurt and is especially hungry and it may take a day for my supply to catch up with her so having breast milk on back up is always a plus for her and I!

These are just a very few items among a very long list of what mom and baby need postpartum, but if I was going to start a mom off I would say this is a good place to start!

Feel free to let me know some of your favorite baby items. I always love hearing about other products!

XOXO Sydney