Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Modern Wrap: Mother of the Week

Modern Wrap 
Mother of the Week

Hello everyone! I was chosen to be Mother of the Week with Modern Wrap. This company chose 12 moms to model each of their wraps. I was chosen to model the "wine" colored wrap. As a "Mother of the Week" I was sent a wrap to model and a few questions to choose from and answer.

[[MWMotheroftheWeek]] Question 1: How have things changed between you and your husband/partner since you became a mother?
--Truthfully, a newborn puts a lot of stress on a marriage initially. Sleep deprivation is ugly on anyone! But then one day, we all just 'got' each other. It felt like overnight all three of us had it figured much as any new parents could at least. Our relationship has changed for the better, we get to raise a baby together and watch her experience life. There is nothing better than watching him love our daughter & that father-daughter relationship is going to be amazing to watch develop. Having a daughter has made him a softer man with a bigger heart. Our relationship will always be different now because the way we love each other matters to someone else. Our relationship is deeper and tied together by our little babe. 

[[MWMotheroftheWeek]] Question 2: What has been the biggest surprise about motherhood?
--I think just how hard it is being a mother. I know all mothers will tell you it's the hardest job in the world, but you don't know it until you live it yourself. I think for the first few weeks I believed I was babysitting and someone was going to come and relieve me of this new 24/7 job. Given, I had mastitis for 6 weeks after birth and complications like that just add to the difficulty of a newborn, but still, being a mom is no joke! And then out of nowhere you get the hang of it and it's like you've been caring for this person all your life and you just get each other, that was another surprise of motherhood. Just out of nowhere clicking with my baby and even surprising myself with how much I love her. When someone else is holding her and she's crying and they ask, "what do you think she wants?" and I can respond immediately with, "she's tired", "she's gassy", "she's hungry", "she just wants to be close to me", or "she's trying to poop." I surprise myself! We can communicate through cries and coos. No words. Pretty crazy when you think about it. 

[[MWMotheroftheWeek]] Question 3: How did becoming a mother change you?
--This is a list that will continue to grow as I grow as a mother, but I've noticed I'm not "waiting" anymore. I'm not waiting for life to happen if that makes sense. Before my girl was born I waited for things like waiting to graduate college, waiting to get pregnant, waiting to move, waiting to have my baby... Then she was born and I just started taking things day-by-day and enjoying it. I think about the future and future plans every day, but I'm not waiting for big moments anymore. I'm just excited for them. Everyday has a big moment with our girl. A bigger smile, a giggle in her sleep, a look of happiness when she sees daddy after work. I feel fulfilled and feel like I have a purpose now. She looks at me like I'm just the greatest person in the world. She stares and I stare right back. I feel like I am capable of loving deeper because of her. 

These wraps are the softest, most light weight wraps I have ever used. I have multiple wraps from a few different brands/companies and these are by far the best ones I have ever used. I absolutely love mine. They have the cutest colors and patterns too, definitely worth checking them out!

I use my wraps for getting things done around the house, walking around, holding her close when she is feeling needy, and for some of her naps when I am out and about and don't want her crunched in her car seat all day. Baby wearing helps fussy babies that just want to be close to their momma's. Don't wait until they are are 3 months old either! I used mine the first day I brought her home from the hospital. Newborns cling to their mommas the first month and all they want is skin to skin contact and to feel and hear your heart beat again! If you are a momma-to-be definitely invest in one of their wraps. It is a lifesaver! My baby girl is super observant and loves the wrap because she can see everything and still be close to me.

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XO Sydney 

**I was sent all products free of charge, thank you for supporting the businesses that support our little fam**