Thursday, February 19, 2015

Elba's 3 Month Update

3 Months Old

This month has been the most fun I have had with her. She is getting her little personality now and it is funny to watch it develop. She is super stubborn and she knows what she wants when she wants it. She is very demanding and controlling for a mini person. She has been super needy these past 2 weeks because she is teething (poor lil girl).

Momma's Favorite Things 

Ummm besides everything?!?

Still love bringing her into bed with me in the morning

I love that she smiles in response to people talking to her

I love her mini giggles

I love how cuddly she is

I love that she mimics my faces now, if I stick out my tongue a bunch she starts doing it

I love going on walks and watching her look at everything 

I love how chatty she is after the bath

Everything...there is way too much to list, she is my best little mini friend and I love every single second with her

I love her gray eyes right now, I am sure they are still in the process of changing, but they are so pretty and fun to look at

Elba's Quirks

Still loving her bath time as always, it can calm her down immediately

She has preferred breastfeeding to the bottle this past week because she is in pain from teething and just wants to be close

She has rolled over on her own multiple times 

My mom introduced her to Barney, I suppose it was about time since I loved Barney when I was a baby, sadly, Barney was the first to make her giggle multiple times in a row. I've gotta get me a giant purple costume...

She is so CHATTY

When she is being stubborn she tries not to smile and does this half smile half scowl face, gets me every time

She has finally started to tolerate her little swing seat, which frees up my hands for a few minutes during the day

She is so observant on our walks, she just turns her head back and forth to see everything

She has figured out how to avoid motrin and gas drops...just hold mouth shut super tight and shake head back and forth (I can tell her teenage years are gonna be a dream)

My poor girl has two little teeth coming in, she cut a tooth on the bottom and has one about to break through the gums on the top off to the side a bit...breaks my heart

Loves shoving her hands in her mouth (alleviates teething pain) 

Hands in mouth means lots of drool!

Her favorite teething tool is when I wrap my finger in a burp rag and let her suck on my finger

We had multiple bouts of projectile spitting up this month, she kinda goes through phases with this

She is wearing her 3M clothes & slowly transitioning into her 3-6MO jammies (breaks my heart!)

She sleeps through the night and has been doing so for over a month and a half I would say, she goes to bed anywhere between 9:30-12 (depending on the night), but usually around 10:30-11PM and sleeps in until about ranges, she has been slowly going to bed closer to 10PM so we are just transitioning her slowly!

Loves lights still

Wants to be held facing out most of the time unless she is tired

She loves her Daddy!

Would rather be outside than inside

Loves stroller walks and baby carrier walks

She hasn't really needed a bottle of pumped milk after breastfeeding anymore, instead I am just producing like a crazy person and way more than she needs

She makes a fish face and starts making sucking sounds when she is hungry

There are so many things she has started doing and she is growing so quickly. Every day is more fun and I love every second I have with her, I just wish it wasn't going by so quickly!!!

If anyone was curious her romper was sent to us by Katie, owner of Bert&Bear for a bit of a trial run! She is adding these rompers to her shop in March, the best for chunky babes ;)

Her etsy shop here

Little Elba, Mommy and Daddy love you so much and love every second of watching you grow. You have made our lives so perfect. I am so lucky I get to be your Momma!

XO Sydney