Sunday, May 31, 2015

Elba's 6 Month Update

6 Months Old

I am going to just continue to say how much I enjoy every new month since Elba has become our third wheel. She is so much more giggly this month and excited. She is interactive and aware. She cuddles and also pushes away. When she wants something, we are going to hear about it, when she doesn't want something...she lets us know. She is becoming her own person every single day. She is incredibly aggressive and tough, if she bumps her head Zack and I are always cringing waiting for the meltdown but it never happens...she hardly every cries if she bumps her head or hurts herself, she is so tough! She will however cry if she is not being held by either Zack or myself if she is having a rough teething day. She will cry because her teeth that have been coming in since she was 3 months old have yet to break through. Teething has NOT been our favorite! I have loved the face grabbing and the affection though. She is so much  more aware of us and we grow more important to her each day. It is endearing when she reaches for us, when her cry changes to a giggle, when she makes her high pitched squeaks/shouts, and when she just wants to cuddle. I am loving this age. Not to say that it doesn't come with its battles, but aside from the craziness this has really been such a rewarding age. I never knew how much I could love someone else. It is a different kind of love & it is amazing!

Mama's Favorite Things

Watching her experience new things

Her little gasps when the wind blows

How she grabs my face and kisses me

When she attacks my face and giggles

When she grabs my hair and screams with excitement

When she hears Zack on the phone and reaches for the phone

I love when we are FaceTiming with Zack and she gets super excited

Watching her experience new foods

I love when she kicks, reaches, and giggles when she watches me put on the ergo

I love her high pitched squeaks

When she laughs at Zack and I

How she could be content all day if she was just outside

I love how she attacks my hands to teeth like a little monster

I love her smiles


Every month is more rewarding

Every single day is more exciting

I love everything about this girl

Elba's Quirks


Growls...full on monster growls

Grabs faces for kisses

Grabs faces for attacking 

Always wants to be outside

Does not like being set down too much recently

Loves to be scared (she's dark)

Loves when we hide and pop out at her

Loves when we blow on her belly or neck

Attacks our limbs for teething purposes

Makes high pitched squeaking noises

Makes gasping noises when she is excited

Makes gasping noises to be funny and then continues to do it if we copy her

Loves the ergo carrier, she would prefer to be carried in it all day

Starting to get upset if we take something from her that she wanted

All sorts of aggressive

Throws things

Wants everything- reaches, grabs and steals

Super giggly- when she wants to be

Doesn't like when I have a towel on my head--scares her but cracks me up

Loves gnawing on leather, she has petrified one of her FP moccasins from sucking on it to death. She keeps trying to get her hands on my Lily Jade Diaper bag...not gonna happen!

Has decided she doesn't like to bottle feed anymore. KILLING ME. We are getting her back into it though!

Loves watching videos of herself...Elba loves Elba.

Loving sitting up on her own

Wants everything in her mouth

Loves looking around on our walks

She will kick, fling her arms around, and smiles when she sees the ergo carrier come out, she knows we are going for a walk outside! Her favorite.

Likes pulling leaves off of trees and bushes

When she doesn't want to be in the car seat she starts scratching and doing sit ups as if she is going to claw her way out

Starting to learn how to manipulate, we will be changing that haha

Loves FaceTiming with Daddy, makes her smile immediately

When she hears Daddy on the phone she tries grabbing the phone from me

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): Diapers size 3; Onesies 6-9 months; Shirts 6-12 months; Leggings 6-12 months & some 3 month ones; 3-6 month, 6 month and 9 month jammies!

Eyes: Olive green & gray/ hazel

Hair: Her hair is getting much longer! Especially on top and in the back! Her new hair is coming in much thicker too! It has lightened up so much since she was born. When she was born it was pitch black and now it is the same color as Zack's and mine.

Sleeping: Getting better. When she started teething she back tracked completely on our great sleep schedule. But things are looking up again, slowly but surely!

Eating: She isn't too into purees. She loves eating whatever I am eating off of my finger. She doesn't like avocado unless it is on my finger. I made sweet potato in my Vitamix and she seems to like that much better than bananas. She loves blueberry things. She loves experimenting with foods, but no purees that she continues to open her mouth for in excitement. We are getting there though. This past week has shown more promise!

  • Army crawling/ kinda crawling
  • Getting up on all 4's to crawl
  • Rolls like crazy
  • Experimenting with solids every day
  • Laughing
  • Copying/mimicking
  • Sitting up on her own
  • Walking around like a crazy when I hold her hands
  • Standing on her own if she is holding on to the couch or something else for a few moments
  • Dropped the swaddle cold turkey around 5 months when she kept working her way out

XO Sydney