Sunday, October 4, 2015

Elba's 9 Month Update

9 Months Old

Wow, this took me way longer to get up on the blog than I anticipated. This is largely due to the fact that we have a VERY mobile baby now! Gone are the days of breastfeeding on the couch all day and having ample opportunity to write blog posts. All Elba wants to do is crawl, get into things, get into trash, the laundry, pull things out of cupboards, go to the park, stand up, try to walk, eat, swim, Legoland, play, play, and more play time. She would rather be outside putting the nastiest things in her mouth than be cooped up all day watching me type on my computer, so that is exactly what we do! However, no matter what, this blog and these updates are a priority to me because I would be so upset if I missed a month of this crazy journey with her. I always want to be able to go back and look at these updates and think back about the times she was swimming in her newborn clothes, losing her hair, growing curlier hair, crawling, laughing, eating, and everything in between. I don't want to forget what I found important each month. Another reason I do these updates is for family to see her grow and I want everyone to enjoy her little moments & pictures as much as I do. So, here we go...this is the craziest month thus far. Last month was so fun because she was so "infant minded" she was perfecting how to crawl, how to play, obsessing over new toys, witnessing new things and now this month is a whole other ball game. She now KNOWS what she likes and KNOWS what she wants. I always tell Zack that I feel like we have a toddler trapped in a miniature baby body. She is so headstrong and has completely turned into her own person. It makes my heart burst as well as my brain. I think this month has been the most emotional for me alongside her newborn stage. I think her new determination and stubborn attitude has really tested my patience this month and then I either cry or laugh about it. Motherhood is crazy and different every single day and no matter how emotional or frustrated I get at times I wouldn't trade it for the world. She is my whole world.

Momma's Favorite Things

Her growling (yes she full on growls, check Instagram for that fun video)

Her fake cry

Her smile and her laugh

The way she says "mummumm mum mum" when she calls my name

She waves to everyone, she is so friendly

She gasps and screeches when she sees something she wants or likes

Her obsession with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (she has now started to wake up right in time for it)

Her obsession for anything Mickey Mouse related

When I sing "If You're Happy and You Know It..." she claps right on cue every time & drops what she is doing to do so

She loves other kids and babies she gets so excited to see other tiny humans

I love how she grabs the phone when Zack FaceTime's us to talk to her Daddy

I love how she copies and mimics so well now

If I fake laugh she fake laughs, she is such an entertainer and little comedian

She loves everything Zack and I eat

She is water obsessed, she grabs my water bottles from me to drink them herself

She loves the pool and the beach

I love how detail oriented she is, she uses her tiny pointer finger to find the smallest of things

She still loves Mama and is a total mama's girl

She dances to everything, even when no music is playing

I love tickling her & hearing her new little infant/borderline toddler laugh

She has the funniest/best sense of humor

Elba's Quirks



She thinks she is the world's best dancer, she dances without music

She dances when she eats something she likes

She waves to everyone

Just don't try to hold her she's got a new case of stranger danger

Loves the water/shower/jacuzzi/bath

When we go shopping she insists on standing in the cart and screaming excited at the top of her lungs

Chews on tags or anything paper related (like a goat)

Obsessed with drinking water

Likes picking labels off of water bottles

Grossed out by hair when she touches it, but likes picking it out of the hairbrush

When she thinks she is being funny she fake laughs to see if we will laugh

Hates getting her diaper changes most of the time

Crawling, standing, trying to walk everywhere

Loves grabbing faces

Loves smacking people out of no where

Would rather be outside

Hates her car seat most of the time

Still won't take a bottle, but likes cups, sippy cups and water bottles

Loves the park and makes me go down the slide with her a million times

Loves when we sing "If you're happy and you know it..." she claps on cue and it is adorable

Loves attacking computers

Wants to play in the car all of the time, loves the steering wheel and dancing on front seat

Has a new obsession with Mickey Mouse

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): Still wearing size 3 diapers, weighs about 20 lbs., she hasn't been in much clothing this month, it has been the month of diapers and water days. It has been so hot here in Southern California she has been living in dresses and diapers. She is wearing 6-12 month clothes, size 6-12 month shorts and same for shirts! She is wearing 9 month swimsuits

Eyes: They are dark hazel, they aren't straight brown like Zack's but my eyes are still a bit more green than hers...her eyes have cooler undertones in them, like deeper grays instead of greens.

Hair: So curly! When she gets all sweaty her little ringlets come out. I am OBSESSED. I was kinda hoping she would get Zack's curls, but I wasn't sure if she was going to and they are definitely coming in strong! She has got flippy, curly, and crazy bed head hair and I love it. It is the same color of both mine and Zack's hair, it is brown with some auburn tones to it. In the sun you can see her auburn on her curls and oh my goodness I could just eat her up. 

Sleeping: She sleeps...she is still taking a good morning nap and that is about it, depending on where we are during the day will determine how good her afternoon nap is!

Eating: Eating solids like a champ, she has both her top and bottom front teeth, so she is chomping down on things really well! She is loving some Beech Nut purees, only the veggie ones though, she hates the fruit ones, she likes fruit if it isn't pureed, she loves whatever Zack and I are eating. She would eat chicken all day. She loves smoothies, yogurt, cheese, veggies, everything really! She is up for trying anything. She loves acai bowls with is really getting fun feeding her and watching her reaction to all sorts of things.

  • Crawling like crazy
  • Stands on her own for moments at a time
  • Has taken a few steps on her own
  • Eating more solids
  • Climbs on everything
  • Loves playing peek-a-boo
  • Loves clapping 
  • Dancing to everything
  • Her i-teeth are sneaking their way through 

We love you!

XO Sydney

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