Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our New Adventure

Alright, this past year has been a bumpy one. A very bumpy one. I do not share the nitty gritty detail of the negatives of our lives because everyone is dealing with something. But in short, life has been crazy since graduating college in May 2014. We have gone from graduation to different jobs and a baby and more jobs. We have gone from living with our parents to living on our own then back with parents. All of this done in order to pay off student loans. Let me tell you, private universities are not cheap. They are worth it, but not cheap. Zack and I do not deal with debt as some people do, some people are great with making their minimum payments and are content with that. Zack and I are a bit of extremists. If we can accomplish something huge in a short amount of time, we will. That being said. These past six months have been spent living with parents and making a huge dent in our student loans. We are both still driving around our cars from high-school and we never have credit card debt. Being smart with our money has put an emotional strain on we were living with our parents. We are grateful and beyond appreciative, but couch surfing with a baby...not so fun, but an adventure in its own way. 

A few months back, Zack got a great opportunity to further his medical device sales experience, he has been working as an Orthopedic Trauma Sales Rep. for the past six months. He has been in the operating room and growing his business in Orange County, CA. Both of our families live in San Clemente, CA so that is where we have been living, but don't know if we want to set up the rest of our lives here. We both grew up here, only went to school an hour from home in San Diego and we haven't seen too much else. 

Well, last week Zack kind of hit the pinnacle of his goals. He was presented with an offer from a company that he had his eyes on for a year now. It is one of those offers where you think, this is too good to be true. We are both so excited that over a year of craziness has lead to stability and something SUPER exciting.

So the deal with this job is...traveling for  6 months to 1 year. Zack's territory for his new Medical Sales position with this company is the South East...Texas to Florida and the Carolinas. So far the company wants him in Dallas, TX. He could be covering this territory for 6 months or 2 months and then they could want him in Florida for a week and then South Carolina for a month. Yes, CRAZINESS. Even crazier if I didn't get to see him for this amount of time...but the best part is, the company takes care of their employees very I will be joining him! So for the next 6 months to a year we will be living in HOTELS! WOO! Room Service? We will be seeing the south, traveling, exploring and I am kinda hoping Elba will develop some accent...kidding, kinda. I really do want her to whip out a "y'all" here and there though. 

This will be it though... 6 months to 1 year and then we will be settling down and finding a place to call home. I will decorate the heck out of it and have candles going all of the time. Until then, I am going to enjoy some serious turn down service, bathtubs and room service. 

Elba and I will explore each city we are in during the day while Daddy slaves away ;) our superhero. 

So if you are following me on here, pinterest, instagram, and snapchat, get ready for some serious changes! First birthday party planning and then we are off to traveling! I will be documenting it all. I cannot freaking wait.

xo Sydney

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