Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Elba's 10 Month Update

10 Months Old

Yikes, this month went by a little too quickly. The older she gets the harder it is to stay on top of these updates. The days go by quicker and as she grows more active our days grow longer! There is rarely any down time to write these updates. So right now I am writing some of this while she sleeps soundly next to me. Zack is currently in Massachusetts for two weeks so I am soaking up all of these snuggles with my girl while she is still my sweet tiny princess. She is currently 11 months old, but I need to get this 10 month update written. Due to our big move coming up next month and Halloween and her birthday I have fallen behind and my memory doesn't hold on to detail very well anymore (lack of sleep?) haha. So this update may be a bit shorter, but is no less important to me. All of these updates are going to be cherished memories of my sweet girl. My first born. I cannot wait to share these with her and also myself down the road. When she is learning how to ride a bike or playing soccer or dance recital, I want to be able to look back at these updates and remember when our days consisted of park dates in the day and snuggles at night.

Momma's Favorite Things

When she is super excited she strains her neck really far out and smiles

Her HUGE smile and her teeny smile

When she wants me really badly she reaches her little hand out and says "muuuuummm" "mumuumum" haha

When my phone is just sitting there she grabs it and puts it to her ear and says "Hi, Da" (trying to talk to her Daddy;))

I love that she waves to everyone and is so friendly

I love that she also waves goodbye

She is so good at sharing with me always let's me have a turn with sucking on the lollipop when I say "Momma's turn"

Loves her tickle rubs on her back, just like her Momma

Her tiny body is thinning out, as much as it makes me sad my baby is growing it is also adorable that she totally has her Dad's body, cracks me up!

Her precious curly little locks

I love that when I whisper in her ear she starts cracking matter what I say

She LOVES candy (that's my girl)

Water obsessed, LOVES drinking water from water bottles, straws, sippy cups, anything!

She loves chewing on straws (probably why a lot of my drinks go unfinished- straw jacked!)

She loves cuddling and loves being close

She loves picking up tiny little things on the ground and then handing them to me because she knows she isn't allowed to have them

As always, her laugh, her smile, her giggles, her spitting out her tongue really fast

When she wakes up in a bad mood she makes the ugliest cry face and it makes Zack and I laugh every time

I love her ridiculous dance moves

EVERYTHING about her is precious, even when she is insane!

Elba's Quirks

Getting mad and shouting little baby babble 

When I open the car door to put her in her car seat she clings to my neck like a monkey

Once she gets in the car and the music goes on she dances like crazy

Still won't take a pacifier

Holds down the button on my phone to talk to Siri

Shouts "bayyy-bee" when she wants something 

Loves the park

Loves playing in the sand at the beach and park

Loves going down slides

Obsessed with waving and saying "hi" to everyone, she has been since 7 months

Loves chicken and cheese, sometimes that is all she wants for breakfast

Loves candy, that's mah girl

Loves her puffs

She is obsessed with emptying purses, she will empty yours if it is out in the open

Loves to empty my clothes drawers (needless to say she leaves mess bombs everywhere)

I have to do all of my computer work when she is sleeping because all she wants to do is attack my computer

She loves sitting in the front of the car and pretending to drive

She loves doing make-up with me in the morning, she puts the make up brushes to her face and to my face and waits for me to say "so pretty" to smile and put the brush back up to her face (obsessed with her)

Loves the first 5 minutes of any toddler Disney show for the music and then checks out 

....and so much more!

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): Size 3 diapers; 9-12 month onesies usually; Still wearing some 9 month items here and there, but mostly in 12 month clothes and some 18 month tee shirts, kinda depends on where I get the clothes and what brand they are! A lot of things run small or large! Definitely need to get her some shoes other than moccasins haha

Eyes: They got kinda dark and then lightened up again. They are not even close to as dark as Zack's but they aren't as green-hazel as mine, they are a gray-ish brown hazel and definitely lighter.

Hair: Oh my bed head. This girl wakes up with some serious trainwreck hair and I love it. She got Daddy's curls 100% and I am so obsessed. Some days they curl into perfect little ringlets...other days she has clown hair, I love it both ways! It is a deep brown/auburn color like mine and Zack's. I have never colored my hair and Zack and I have almost identical hair color so hers is the same as both of ours. She has got some natural ombre on those little curls from all of the sun her hair gets exposed to!

Sleeping: Teething has made up skip nap time one too many times for my liking, but whatever, not the end of the world!

Eating: Loves chicken and cheese...and not just any chicken and cheese, this princess has an affinity for Chipotle Gouda weird. Although, she really does like all cheese...She likes candy, bread (not toast too much), finally likes bananas, likes peas, she really likes just about anything I am eating. She really likes green grapes! She freaks out at the store when I put them in my basket and tries to eat them right then and there. She likes yogurt, but I think she wishes it wasn't cold. She likes quite a bit, not into purees anymore but I haven't really tried giving her any recently. She is still breastfeeding as well so she is getting nutrients a little bit of everywhere.

  • Crawls like a spazz!
  • She knows how to walk, she will take lots of steps, but recently has hated doing so and often crawls instead...part of me is like WHAT THE HECK the other part of me is like...please don't walk before we have to move and go through airports hahaha
  • Loves all of her walkers and walks around with them all of the time
  • Has 6 teeth! 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom!
  • LOVES climbing
  • Loves to pretend she is singing when I blast the music and she LOVES to dance, although she has some questionable dance moves
  • This whole month has felt like milestone after milestone...she is just so CHATTY!
  • Talking! Saying Bear ("begh"), Baby ("bayyyyybeee"), Mama ("mummma"), Daddy ("Da-da),  Hi ("haiiiiii"), Bye ("buhye"), Pig ("pihhh"), when she is mad and wants something or doesn't want you to walk away she yells "baaa baa baaa"

We love you so much baby girl!

XO Sydney

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