Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Elba's 11 Month Update

11 Months Old

Okay so here we have Elba's 11 month update. I have gotten very far behind on these posts and it bums me out, but I will not get far enough behind to the point where I can't catch up. I will be posting Elba's birthday pictures as well. The problem with the blog the last couple of months is that it has taken the back burner to quite a few things, between Elba's birthday, moving, holidays, moving back and being pregnant...things got so hectic. So I will list a few things that are important for me to remember that Elba did around 11 months. This post will be shorter and will not follow the same format as the previous monthly updates but it is not any less important!

Updates to Remember for 11 months

She began walking

She started incorporating way more solids into her diet

She began LOVING the park 

She started saying way more words

She has gotten even more cuddly almost more calm 

She began cutting more teeth

I know this seems so short, but it really was just as important as all of the other months, but hey, I am only human and this was the best I could do considering the circumstance!

Another issue we had with these monthly updates, 2 months ago when she was 11 months old we took these pictures...she was NOT having it. She is normally such a ham for the camera and totally works the camera and this day she was teething so badly, we were trying to cut out one of her feedings and I think she was mad at me! Haha. These pictures were taken before nap time during a "weaning" time and she was staring me down haha. I love that little dirty look though. So yes, the pictures are not portraying her photogenic self, but that's raising a baby! They aren't always "on" when you want them to be!

Our sweet Elba baby girl, we love you dearly. We love you so much. You are our entire life.

XO Sydney 

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