Monday, September 23, 2013

Quick,10 Minute Gluten-Free Chicken Bowl Dinner!

1. No food in the house
2. Need to go grocery shopping
3. School
4. Four exams this week

These four things combined were the precursors to tonights lazy meal....

Oh, and Zack decided to go get the extremely healthy Arby's, yeah, we're having a healthy Monday evening if you couldn't tell. Although, this doesn't really matter because we are very healthy eaters as it is and both extremely screw it, tonight we didn't eat the healthiest!

So here is what I did for my quick, grocery-less meal.

  • Boil water and put the bagged rice into the water and boil for ten minutes
  • While rice is boiling add cut-up chicken breast to skillet pan with unflavored coconut oil (better than using butter in my opinion)
  • Add soy-sauce (for me it's gluten free soy sauce-but you can add whichever you have around) to chicken in pan and let simmer on low while the rice is boiling
  • While both rice and chicken are cooking, cut up some green onions!
  • Pepper the chicken (probably don't need to salt if you used the soy sauce-I didn't salt)
  • Once rice is done boiling, strain the bag, add single serving (or however many servings) to a bowl
  • Place the cooked chicken on top of the rice and sprinkle the green onions on top!
  • Woo! Done in 10 minutes!

This meal is too boring for me just like this and I love my food spicy so I love to add Sriracha Hot Sauce to it and make it kind of like a spicy chicken bowl!

You can get this at any grocery in the culture/speciality aisles usually

Put as much on as you like! I added even more after I took a few bites!

And there you have it....
This is what my dinner looked like tonight, this is me improvising without wanting to spend longer than 10 minutes on dinner when I am busy with other things.

Unlike my husband, I do not have the luxury of running out for a quick bite or fast food (not that I really want to) having Celiac Disease, so this is kind of my fast-food alternative this Monday!
 I didn't snap a picture of Zack's Arbys.

I hope everyone is having a stress free Monday evening, welcome back to the beginning of the week! Aren't Mondays just the best?

What are your favorite quick dinners when you don't have time to go get groceries?

Let me know:) I would love to try them out!