Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beautiful Fall Day & A Beautifully Colored Snack

This morning on my way to class at around 7:30 a.m. I thought I would take a picture of the beautiful sky. It always looks so crisp and cold outside after it rains. I just love the smell of wet asphalt! I cannot wait for more rain this season...we keep getting a taste of it here in San Diego, but is asking for a full week of rain too much? I don't think so! Common' weather!

If you look, you can see the little rainbow sneaking its way through the clouds :) 

MMMMMmmmmm... Now for the yummy snack...IT'S POMEGRANATE SEASON! WOOOO!!!
This is a healthy snack especially for when you are craving sweets. Honestly, I have been craving jelly belly's for the past three days now (and no I did not satisfy those cravings, dangit!) BUT I did just eat a delicious pomegranate and I am definitely not craving jelly beans anymore.

Seriously, one of my favorite snacks I get so excited this time of year when they are in season. Pomegranates and Pink Lady Apples, sooooo good!

A trick to getting them all out quickly, this probably took me 3 minutes at most....
Cut the pomegranate in half. Take a wooden spoon and hit one half of the Pomegranate on the outer peel. Make sure a bowl is beneath because most of the seeds will come out this way. For the ones that do not come out, you have loosened them from the peel and they now come out SO EASILY when you start peeling back the pieces, they just fall right into the bowl.  


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Have a wonderful & cozy Fall day