Sunday, February 9, 2014

No Mini Trip, But Still A Fulfilling Saturday!

Well our mini trip was not much of a trip, we were just planning on going to Big Bear on Saturday morning for all of the snow that hit there on Friday...but we figured that with all that new snow there was bound to be a ton of traffic. 

 Zack had done his fair share of traveling this past week anyway between flying to Utah, teaching the lab there, staying the night, and flying back the next interviewing on Thursday up in Riverside, only to drive home in 3 hours of traffic and rain. We opted out. 

We had intended on taking the pup there to play in the snow. He has seen tons of snow before when we stayed with Zack's family in Utah and he absolutely loved it. Sooo he isn't missing out by not going up to Big Bear for the day. 

        Here are some pictures from two Christmases ago from when we had taken him to Utah for the first time to see snow (Awe so cute, Oak was almost 1 years old....)

Instead we got some serious errands accomplished, I hate errands...they always know how to ruin a Saturday. We went to COSTCO, worst idea on a Saturday....

We got some grocery shopping done there, mostly our bigger purchases like water bottles, nuts, fruit... that kind of thing. Then we went to Ralphs to get more of our Fresh Produce like my favorite Pink Lady Apples (I always have to leave there with a huge bag of them). Then we picked up my prescriptions we had dropped off earlier that morning and came home and got some laundry done. 
Kinda like a mini trip to Big Bear, right? NO. Haha, but that is okay! We love our little family Saturdays even if it is just running to the grocery store. 

Later on we decided to go out and get drinks. Zack got a Manhattan and I had a glass of wine and then we ran over to Vons to grab some candy to go home and watch a movie!

I set up a bunch of blankets on the ground and then we chose to watch Old School, we love that movie. 

Driving to get drinks, Oak came too of course, and slept in the car...he hates waiting at home. 
Zack's Manhattan, him pointing out they chose to put his whiskey drink in something a little less manly ;)

Cozied up to watch Old School with our chosen candies! Jelly Bellys for me and Hersheys Cookies n Cream for him!

I am sure we will head up to the snow one of these days this winter, but maybe not on a day where every snowboarder in California is dying to hit the slopes with fresh snow on them!!!

What did everyone else do this weekend?

- Sydney-