Friday, February 7, 2014

Cozy Rainy Night!

Last night Zack drove home after an interview with a company and the interview was in Riverside. It took him about 3 hours to get home with the rain and the traffic. I had all the dishes done, and had the house all cozy with candles, and cleaned up. He had been craving a Chicken Soup (Gluten Free of course) I make all week ,so I had that waiting for him too. It doesn't actually have any chicken in it, it is just Chicken Stock and a bunch of veggies!!! It is so filling because it is so much liquid so we were sleepy and in bed by 7:45 last night and then watched a show on Netflix and went to bed. Tomorrow we are have a fun day planned, early in the morning, so I will post pictures if we end up going on our mini surprise trip tomorrow morning!

Not the prettiest picture considering I had already eaten some, but I had some wine and he had some whiskey and it was the perfect cozy night for a cold rainy evening!!!

What are some of your favorite cold weather meals?