Monday, February 10, 2014

Frank Body Scrub

So I finally ordered my Frank Body Scrub that I have been wanting to get my hands on today. It ships from Australia so it should be here in about a week, I suppose I will have to wait.

I will be doing a review on it when I get in a week so look out for that! My husband can use it as well!

I love body scrubs, but I am sick of the sea salt scrubs or the over done citrus scrubs that remind you of every single cut or scrape you have on your body. So I am hoping this all natural coffee scrub will be my holy grail instead. 

I have very sensitive skin, so I am happy about the product being all natural ingredients! 1 bag is supposed to last you about a month if you use it 1-2 days every week. It is supposed to help with acne scarring, psoriasis, stretch marks, and cellulite. I am not too concerned about anything other than acne scarring I think my focus will be on seeing any improvement in that department.

I posted this picture on my Instagram, I ordered the original, the almond oil and orange seemed like it would smell yummy and I already have soooo many coconut scented body butters that I wanted a different scent.

Their website is, if you are interested. I follow them on Instagram so I have been stalking them for a while and finally caved and made the purchase. When I find something that works well with my skin I tend to repurchase it and don't really branch out, so I am hoping I found a new fix for my body scrubs--my husband is excited to try it too, because he often gets dry skin in the winter and we are hoping this will rid us of that obnoxious itching!!! 

Instagram: @SydneySedillo

Have a good day!!!