Monday, February 24, 2014

What We Have Been Eating and Catch-up in Pictures!

So this past week has been kind of a hectic week, mentally. So I have not been too good about posting on here, but things are up and running this week so I am back to posting! I did receive my Frank's Coffee Scrub in the mail last week and I have used it twice and oh my gosh its amazing...seriously my skin is sooooo soft. It is definitely messy! But so worth it. It smells like coffee, chocolate, orange goodness...I know that sounds like a weird combination, but it smells great. I will do a more thorough review on it this week.

For now here are just some pictures of what we have been eating and some pictures that have been sitting on my camera roll and posted on my instagram...just to get caught up to date with everything!

Some Valentine's Day Lovin', I tortured our puppy by putting one of my floral headpieces on him, he hates anything on his head...he was our little Valentine this year! We also made homemade chocolates and chocolate covered marshmallows for our Valentine's day. Our first Valentine's day we shared together in high school Zack made me a box of home-made chocolates in this giant heart shaped box he decorated himself so I wanted to do that again this year just for fun. 
He also surprised me with three roses that looked like rose/peony hybrids. I love the pastel and green in them, he knows me well;)

We celebrated my sister's birthday at Carbonaras in San Clemente, an Italian Restaraunt. Her birthday was the 16th....she turned 20, so weird! So for a few months her and I are only 1 year apart (number-wise). 

Now here is just a bunch of food/meals we have had recently over the past week...

Yummy Garbanzo Bean Salad

Tso Chicken and Rice

Matzo Ball Soup

Orange Tomato Pizza 

Vitamix Banana "Ice Cream" and Tea 

So those were just a few meals that I had taken pictures of in my phone camera roll...

Now, this past weekend Zack and I cleaned the house Saturday morning and took the puppy love on a walk around the neighborhood, we then had a very uneventful cozy, tv show marathon day. It was pretty foggy on Saturday around afternoon time and we just wanted to re-cooperate from a long week laying on the couch cuddling and cleaning up the house. 

On Sunday we took Oak to my school to walk him around there, down on the cliffs to play at the mini dog park overlooking the ocean. I also had to do something in lab at school really quickly so we got that done in the morning. Then it was work out time for me while Zack made Cheese Blintzes (Gluten Free) they were sooooo yummy! Then I got laundry done while he did his work out...

I studied a bit and then we watched some tv before heading to bed!

Nothing too exciting this past weekend. I will be posting about the Frank's Coffee Scrub so look for that this week:)