Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Past Week in My IPhone Pictures

So Spring Break is over and we didn't really do too much. Zack had work and although I should've been studying it never really happened haha, but I enjoyed the down time! As Zack was at work I was pretty much back and forth between San Clemente hanging out with my friend...just going on beach walks and grabbing some tea and visiting my mom in her boutique. We went up to the LA fashion district and picked out a ton of pretty spring pieces for her to incorporate into her store. Other than that I was just hanging out at home in San Diego for the remaining part of the week, taking my dog on long walks and working out for most of the day, felt good to sweat and clear my mind of any school stress! Then it was my dad's birthday, but we chose to celebrate this last Sunday with the family. I made something gluten-free for myself and everyone else ordered pizza, we just hung out and watched the sunset, it was so hot out, it felt like a perfect summer night! 

So here are a few random pictures that were taken over spring break! (not in any particular order).

Vitamix Mango Sorbet. YUM!

Zack and I were craving my yummy Mexican Salad I make, looks like some salad craziness in the picture...but SO GOOD!

Loving on the puppy!

Visiting my Dad's house in San Clemente after a long beach walk and some tea with my friend:) 
Walking Oak around Point Loma, sniffing every bush in sight.  
Mini MAC excursion and a yummy vitamix smoothie!

Bugging Zack as he does the dishes!

Procrastination at its finest, getting some last minute studying done...

....and bugging him still.

Sister and I messing around at my Dad's birthday dinner!

A yummy light lunch!

The gorgeous sunset we had in San Clemente on Sunday evening!

What was everyone up to this past week or weekend? Is anyone else looking forward to summer after this wonderful weather we have been having?

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Have a great day!!!