Sunday, March 23, 2014

What We Did This Weekend

This weekend was not as hectic as more driving back and forth from San Diego to San Clemente. We figured we would just stay down here this weekend and relax. Friday night we had a pretty early night, we went to the grocery store because I somehow had eaten all of our vegetables, that's all I have been wanting to eat lately. So we did some grocery shopping, I made Zack a Sun-dried tomato Chicken panini with avocado, basil, mayo, and mozzarella and I had some cabbage with chicken cooked in coconut oil and a teeny bit of soy sauce. I also bakes some brussels sprouts so we each had about 4 brussels sprouts.

 Oh yeah, can't forget the sriracha, so good on cabbage! Love it. Sprinkle some green onions on top and you have yourself a bowl of yummy. 

Saturday morning we wanted to get out and go do something, we didn't feel like taking Oak to dog beach so we drove to Balboa Park. It was nice because we went pretty early so there wasn't too many large crowds and we were able to walk around a good portion of it! 

Some pictures of our little family at Balboa Park on Saturday! We came home, I had a salad for lunch and I wasn't feeling to hungry around dinner time so I just had some carrots and Zack went and got Chick-fil-A for himself.

Sunday morning (this morning) we woke up pretty early, relaxed, had breakfast in bed and then took Oak on a walk around the neighborhood for a while. Today we are gonna run to Home-Goods and pick out a few little things there and probably run a few errands while we are out. I will update you guys with any more pictures I may have later today. 

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Have a relaxing Sunday,

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